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Twitters Use in Online Blogging | August 9, 2009

Social Media Networks are used for many things; Bebo and Facebook for connecting with friends, MySpace for its extensive music webpages and finally Twitter, a service that lets you keep in touch with people through the exchange of quick, frequent answers too one simple question: ‘What are you doing?’

Over the past six years the public’s use for online networks has soared, but its use for citizen and professional journalists alike was not something to be expected.

Online Micro-Blogging websites such as twitter have become a forum for political debates during the Iraq war, and more recently the war in the Gaza Strip in late December 2008, where the media was banned from entering.

Online Blogging was used on both sides of the war, with Israel making no secret of its intent to use the social media to its advantage. Their Consulata General in NewYork held a pres conference on Twitter and they launched a Youtube channel to provide footage and ariel from ground attacks. On the Palestinian side twitter users such as AJGaza, GazaNews and Tweets from Gaza, used this forum for inside information of casualties and called on the world to pressure the Israelis into cease fire.

Asteris Masouras (@asteris on Twitter) is a freelance photojournalist who wrote an article for the European Weekly Online Newspaper, believes in the use of Twitter for important online Information in times of conflict.

“A global peace movement is emerging that uses Flickr to share photos from demonstrations”, Mr. Masouras said in January 2009 article ‘Twittering Away’.  “Twitter (is used to) republish reports and argue heatedly, and collaborative portals and blogs to collate reports, as it petitions the slothful international community to enact a ceasefire and react to the developing humanitarian crisis”.

Although Twitter can be seen as very annoying and in some ways ruining traditional journalism, if it in any way can help people in a time of war, I support it.


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