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Online Fanzines and the future of Online Music Blogging | August 17, 2009

Blogs are one of the cheapest, easiest and fastest ways to get your music into the mainstream media.

Australian Journalist Andrew Muller is a London based – foreign correspondent that had made a name for himself as a self named hack and rock critic.

He speaks regularly about online fanzines, and how peoples dedication to writing about music has changed the future of rock n roll journalism.

He is quoted in another blog by Danielle Cahill, on a CNN website saying that “Music blogs and album reviews are the way of the future as they offer fans the kind of irreverence and gonzo sensibility which mainstream music journalism used to be about”.

“The best music blogs offer the best of what people used to love about the music press, that tradition of irreverence and iconoclasm,” Mr Mueller said. “It’s the exact reason why people gravitate towards what is online.”

“It’s increasingly easy for people to make music and distribute, and for others to comment about it on the internet.”

This topic lead me to research internet based fanzines. I found a website called Leeds Music Scene:  The Cities Music Resource, which had a detailed and comprehensive list of music fanzines, online or not.

Researching this topic has given me an interesting topic for an essay. How online blogging has contributed to loss of the printed music magazine. Music commentary is so wide spread now, everyone has an opinion.  Not that this is not a good thing, but has the quality of music commentary decreased. Blogging standards by in large, lack the intrinsic and personality filled language of distinctive music magazines. What effect has this convergence into the cyber world had on the quality of writing, or more importantly (for me) the job of a music journalist?


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