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Sky News using TwitPic. | August 21, 2009

Twitter has become so widespread as of late, that even the biggest news broadcaster in the United Kingdom is running to it for images. The problem recently was, that they did not ask for permission. Following a tragic shooting in Waterloo, Sky News must of been desperate needed to find an image to illustrate the crime scene. They took this image from a man called Joe N (Joe) on Twitter. (Without his permission)

Joe explains in an email that he didn’t know about his picture was used all day but had collegues telling him it was on the from of Sky News. He sent an a email to the editor in Sky News, but failed to get a prompt reply. In his email, joe referred to the terms of service, which clearly specified that the image was copyrighted to the owner. Sky News had no other option but to admit to the allegation, but still have failed to respond to him.

He has however used the disregarding attitude of Sky News to his claim to spread the news. Joe has taken his cause to twitter, making the interesting point that, “Newscorp use your photos without permission but have plans to charge for reading their content”, which has since, in PaulBradshaws words, been’ retweeted across the Twittersphere’.


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