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Citizen Journalism in the Arab World

August 17, 2009
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As Arab countries are known for their strong censorship of the media, it comes with no surprise that internet blogging by ‘citizen journalists’ has become widespread. Although internet freedoms are limited, they provide a medium in which people can post information, that other medias, such as television, newspapers and radio otherwise cannot.

In SugarCubes blog, he wrote about a conference he attended about Online Journalism in the Arab World. Although, he broadly spoke about Online Journalism he made some interesting points about news sites in Arab countries.

One women, had worked for Arabic CNN, and spoke about her experiences. She explained “why Dubai was particularly chosen as the location of the fifth CNN regional office in the Middle East, saying that Dubai is well known for its support of freedom of press”.

Another Professor, Dr. Jamal from the University of Algeria, spoke of the history of Algeria and the Internet. The first Arabic newspaper to go online was El-Khabar in 1991.

The most interesting part of his blog, was when he spoke of a survey made by two Palestinian Universities. They conducted a survey into the trust of online media, and where astonished by the results. They founds that 85% of Arabic people trusted what they read online, with 15% saying they where unsure and none saying they didn’t trust it. If the same experiment was conducted in Ireland, the results would be very different (especially considering the information in my Wikimedia blog).


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