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The Guardian deneys introducing a Paywall.

August 18, 2009
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Liberal Conspiracy, a political website claiming to be the UKs most popular left – centre blog, recently had to retract their article about the Guardian introducing a paywall to their news page. They stated on august 11th that “senior executives at the Guardian newspaper are considering launching a “members’ club” for newspaper readers”.

The survey sent to members of the Guardian website stated that they where considering launching a members club that will “provide extra benefits in return for an annual or monthly fee”. These benefits included ,”a welcome pack, exclusive content, live events, special offers from our partners and the opportunity to communicate with our journalists.”

This was later denyed by the Guardian, with Emily Bell responding: “No – we are not contemplating a pay wall, nor as far as I’m concerned would we ever….they are a stupid idea in that they restrict audiences for largely replicable content” She went on to say that, Murdoch, who released the original statement will “no doubt will find this out”.

The Guardian website has a lot of decent information, links and news on it. If in time it became a subscription service, I would definitely consider taking one out. News sites currently have big decisions to make. Bringing in paid subscriptions will certainly lose many readers, but how are they supposed to survive with an economically unsustainable business?

This is a video about the RockyNews, a newspaper that closed down earlier this year, that is now a paid subscription news webpage.

They are just one of the many newspapers that have given up on the traditional form of print media, and gone cyber. Is there a compromise? Are we now willing to pay for our news. As long as there is quality writing in print journalism, people, in my opinion will continue to buy it. Having something physically in your hand is always more valuable then reading it from a glaring computer screen.


Paid Subcriptions

August 9, 2009
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With the reluctance to pay for print media, due to the easily accessible (and free) forms of online media, someone is going to lose out on the cash.

However, two media outlets, Journalism Online and ViewPass, aim to help publishers in ways to get paid for their online work.

With the economic crash, it will be expected to find that the public will have to pay for at least some of their news.

Gordon Crovitz, a co-founder of Journalism Online, says “we expect a very large number of news sites will have some elements of paid content beginning in the fall.”

Gordon Crovitz

Gordon Crovitz

This payment, would generally come from paid subscriptions.

The Newyork Times also covered this story, stating that Online Journalism will be asking for paid subscriptions of approximately $15 dollars a month

“The most important thing is it’s simple to use,” said  Mr. Stephen Brill, one of the three executives who hope to build Online Journalism. “Much of the barrier to charging online is the transaction friction, as opposed to the actual cost. With this system, you’d have a single password, give your credit card number just once.” (Quote from Newyork Times)

The question is, are people willing to fork out the money for this? With the current economic climate, battered publishers can only hope.

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